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Aishah’s marriage and her exact age
The ancient historical references
Some thought-provoking suggestions
Some historical facts that need considering carefully:
The age of Aishah in relationship to the age of her sister Asma
Abu Bakr’s children were born before the advent of Islam
Abu Bakr’s marriage to Umm Ruman
Aishah was one of the first children to embrace Islam
Some background details of the marriage
Abu Bakr’s concern about the delay of Aishah’s full wedding
Aishah was playing on a swing when called to her marriage
The date of the death of Aishah
The status of the narratives in the Sahih collections
Sayyid Sulayman Nadvi’s statement examined
Aishah’s dolls
Aishah’s ‘playmates’
Aishah’s Needlework
Aishah’s Account of the Miraj and the Hijrah
Aishah’s role in the Battle of Uhud
Aishah’s knowledge
Her status as a jurist



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Madam Aishah, a Study of her age at the time of her marriage with Prophet Muhammad

Historical Fact 16. Aishah’s knowledge:

All the scholars agree that Aishah possessed an excellent brain, and had a very sound knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, the hadiths, and was also highly skilled in the fields of lineage, poetry, literature and criticism. It was claimed by many that she had excellent literary taste and a notable memory for poetry, which she could quote copiously, always finding a suitable couplet or stanza to fit various experiences, and cause amusement or admiration.

She was also skilled in the medical science of that age.

No doubt she acquired her knowledge of Qur’anic interpretation and other studies in theology from the best of teachers – the Prophet himself.

However, there is no indication or evidence to the fact that she learned the science of lineage or developed her taste for poetry and literature in the company of the Prophet. He was neither a poet nor an authority on lineal matters. It is also highly unlikely that he had the time for such extra-prophetic activities, or for educating his wife in these disciplines.

It is not told to us whether any other person in Madinah imparted this knowledge to Aishah. On the other hand, it is well known that her father Abu Bakr was an authority on linealogy and also had good taste in poetry and literature.

Therefore, it seems far more likely that Aishah gained her initial knowledge from studies with her father – and it is unlikely that she would have been immersed in these studies when she was but a child of less than 9 years of age. It seems far more likely that she was 19 and not 9 when she quit Abu Bakr’s home in order to join her husband.

Incidentally, poetry was important to other family members. Her nephew, Urwah ibn Zubayr, was famous for memorizing many couplets. One occasion when somebody complimented him on his ability to memorize verse, he replied that his knack for it bore no comparison to that of his aunt Aishah, who was also adept in the prompt recitation of couplets relevant to any particular event, matter or occasion.

Indeed, Aishah had a remarkable command of language and expression. Her speeches in later life were famous for their exciting rhetoric, eloquence, and unique allegories and metaphors.



Topics: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06                               This is not Zakir Naik's research




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